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Students end semester with excellence

After one long semester of adjusting to a new environment and academic curriculum in the Philippines, students ended the November 2013 - March 2014 semester with complete success and exemplary achievements in university.

They have all passed the half of the academic year 2013-2014. The Philippine academic year runs from June to March and consists of 2 semesters which start on June and November, respectively. The students will be enjoying a short summer break before the start of the next academic intake.

"It feels like I've already accomplished the first step on a good note, so I'm looking forward to the June semester. I could say my stay here is beyond fund. Apart from all the activities, school is just a good place to go. I enjoyed living and studying here," says Elisah Malmalit, a 1st-year Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology student.

The students have done exemplary performance in academic and extra-curricular activities during the previous semester. Some of them won in various school activities which include university beauty pageant, intramural games and academic competitions.

When asked if he has fully adjusted to the Philippine environment, Elisah answers, "It is natural for everyone to be homesick during the 1st exposure to a whole new environment. But as time passes by, I learned to adjust and being with my brothers and sisters here is a great help."

PIEC conducts homesickness seminars, city tours, and counselling to help the students cope with the changes brought by the new environment.