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I am delighted to welcome you to study in the Philippines with Paradise International Education Consultancy - You are on your way to an exciting limitless future!

Our role is to help you thrive in your new environment, and learn the skills and values to enable lifelong success. Our services will help you focus on your studies and develop holistically, and in turn prepare you for life and careers in a rapidly changing global, connected world.

I challenge you to seize the opportunities that this experience will present, and move to the next level of relevance and excellence.


Jensen Chow
Executive Consultant


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  • Education Placement

  • Onshore Management of Students

  • Financial Management

  • Accommodation Assistance   

Our services include:


  • Visa Assistance

  • Counselling

  • Tutoring

  • Student Seminars & Activities 



  • Real Estate Brokerage

  • Medical Tourism

  • Migration Consultancy

  • Retirement Visa Assistance 


PIEC partners with the following universities and institutions:



  1. Passport
  2. National Police Clearance
  3. Department of Education certificates 
  4. School Records (optional)
  5. Transcript of Academic Records for any courses which you would like to credit/exemptions (optional)
  6. Complete "Student Information Form"
  7. Signed "Parents', Sponsor's and Student's Pledge



Step 1:

Have National Police Clearance, Department of Education certificates, School Reports & Transcript of Academic Records signed & stamped by "Commissioner of Oath" as true copies.

Step 2:

Pay the Facilitation Fee to Paradise International Education Consultancy (PIEC) account in PNG.

  • Bank: Bank of South Pacific                                                                                                                           
  • Account Name: Paradise International Education Consultancy                                                                                 
  • Account Number: 1011728092

Note: This is not to be paid to any agents. Fee is non-refundable after arrival in Philippines. If student does not go to Philippines, K3000 is refunded.

Step 3: 

Email the student's preferred course and scans of the above documents, passport & copy of facilitation fee payment to Enrol@CebuStudy.org. We will use the documents to secure a "Notice of Acceptance" from a university or high school in Philippines. After arrival, it is possible to change institutes or majors. This notice of acceptance will be sent to you and must be presented to Philippine Embassy if you apply for a visitor visa in advance or presented to the Bureau of Immigration upon arrival.

Step 4: 

Buy POM to Manila return flight and Manila to Cebu flight either in Air Niugini or Philippine Airlines. Ideally, the student would arrive 1 to 6 weeks before the start of a semester (June or November). Return ticket can be for April. April and May are summer holidays. Semester 1 is June to mid-October. Semester 2 is November to March. For pilot training, students can arrive anytime of the year.

Step 5: 

Send initial amount of at least K10,000 and up to K20,000 to Philippines. This is the student's money that we will manage on behalf of the parents/sponsor with online statements.

Remit to the following account:

  • Bank: East West
  • Branch: Cebu - Grand Cenia
  • Account Name: Paradise International Education Consultancy
  • Account Number: 200003109975

Checklist before travelling:

Parents should keep the following:

  • One set of copies of all documents below.
  • Contact names and phone number of PIEC.

Students should travel with the following:

  • Notice of Acceptance from the university / institute
  • Authenticated National Police Clearance, Department of Education certificates and any School Reports and/or Transcript of Academic Records
  • Complete "Student Information Form"
  • Signed "Parents', Sponsor's and Student's Pledge"
  • Accommodation Receipt (PIEC will provide)

Note: Make sure you leave any originals or copies of these documents safely with family in your home country in case of loss.

Upon Arrival in Cebu:

  • Call home
  • Settle into accommodation
  • Attend Orientation
  • Purchase household items and food (assisted by PIEC)
  • Open a bank account (assisted by PIEC)
  • Attend course specific orientation sessions
  • Get textbooks (assisted by PIEC)
  • Start classes
  • Get involved in student life and associations (e.g., music, sports and cultural clubs)



For questions and other inquiries, just leave a message.


Unit , 3F The Greenery Bldg

Pope John Paul II Avenue

Cebu City, 6000




Monday - Friday
8AM - 6PM


+63 (32) 415-5758