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PIEC & it's enduring journey to SERVE


With the aim of helping Papua New Guineans obtain world-class education, Paradise International Education Consultancy (PIEC) has now become an access to 540 PNG students in pursuing their dreams and having them at hand. 

PIEC traces its happy beginnings in the year 2012, when Mr. Jensen Chow, its founder, started helping friends send their children to attend university in Cebu, Philippines.

Mr. Jensen Chow comes from a family of educators who have been in Papua New Guinea for 5 generations and have made significant contributions to the building of the nation. His father, Joseph Chow, while a Catholic priest, set up schools and medical centers and was a high school teacher in Milne Bay for 7 years. Jensen's grandfather, Gabriel Chow Ying Sing Yip , was the Treasurer of the Sacred Heart School in Rabaul. Jensen's Great Grandfather, Gabriel Chow Ying, was secretary and supervisor of the 1st Catholic Chinese School in Rabaul. Chow family's contributions to PNG society have been recognized with a knighthood awarded to Sir Henry Chow who is Chairman of the National Research Institute, and an MBE was awarded to Joseph Chow.

"Education is a personal passion of mine," Mr. Jensen Chow expresses.

Jensen attended Murray International Primary School in Port Moresby. He went to St. Ignatius' College, Riverview for high school and completed Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Mr Chow also completed the Ateneo-Regis MBA from Ateneo de Manila Univeristy. The Regis MBA is an accelerated executive program with a curriculum developed by two distinguished Jesuit higher-education institutions: The Ateneo de Manila University (est. 1859) and Regis University of Denver, Colorado (est. 1877).

Having grown up in PNG, Jensen felt the need to help students become successful. With only a limited number of high school graduates pursuing university in PNG, he became very dedicated in helping students study in Cebu, where his mother originated.

Mr. Nick Peniai, CEO of the Department of Peace and Reconciliation of ABG, who also sent his children to Cebu, promoted the educational opportunity throughout Bougainville and was able to send 29 students for June 2012 semester. These students became the 1st batch of PNG students who went to Cebu for education. Not long after the 1st intake, more students arrived in Cebu for the November 2012 intake with the help of PIEC and Jensen himself.

Aside from enrolling the students to top universities and schools in the city, PIEC also provides accommodation, visa assistance, tutorials, counselling, and educational seminars and tours to the students. It has also extended its program to pilot training with the aim of developing the future of PNG aviation.

More students choose to study in Cebu City because it has affordable tuition fees and lower cost of living. It also has more than 30 prime universities and international schools, making Cebu an educational hub for foreign students all over the globe.

"I am very passionate about the potential of education to fast track the growth of our country, Papua New Guinea. I have no illusions about the issues we presently face, but I am so hopeful and optimistic for the future. I envision that my organization, PIEC in Cebu, can play a large role in educating our nation, and filling our skills shortages so we don't have to import so much foreign labour." Mr. Chow says.

"I hope that PIEC can be a positive and effective means for me to give back to PNG. PNG has given everything to my family and I dedicate my life in service to PNG. An overseas education can benefit students far more than just on the academic side. My dad always said to me, "Travel is the best teacher." and through experiencing other cultures, minds can be opened up." he adds.



Our Values

Respect - To act and correspond with our clients with respect to their persons.

Reliability - To strive to proactively respond to our clients' needs.

Integrity - To always be ethical in our dealings with our clients, our partners and our community.

Commitment - To be committed in our desire to provide professional services to our clients.


Education to put everyone on equal footing and to create a society that is proactive and responsive to the global needs and development.


  • To facilitate/place students into quality education that molds people to become better global citizens.

  • To encourage and nurture the inner genius in each student through interactive education and learning.

  • To promote education as the solution to creating a society that respects persons and environment.


Founder's Message



I am delighted to welcome you to study in the Philippines with Paradise International Education Consultancy - You are on your way to an exciting limitless future!

Our role is to help you thrive in your new environment, and learn the skills and values to enable lifelong success. Our services will help you focus on your studies and develop holistically, and in turn prepare you for life and careers in a rapidly changing global, connected world.

I challenge you to seize the opportunities that this experience will present, and move to the next level of relevance and excellence.



Jensen Chow
Executive Consultant